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Everard Read London artist Lucinda Mudge features in House & Leisure

April 25, 2017

"My vases tell stories and I use them as a reference to the human condition, the idea that we are on repeat. Also, with a vase, you can't see the whole picture at once. The images on the back will always be hidden, but we know it is there. This is a reference to the way we live - we choose not to see even though we know it's there."

Everard Read London is proud to present a collection of 22 new ceramic vases by Lucinda Mudge, in her first UK solo exhibition entitled The Wolf is Always Near. The vases take inspiration from a variety of references ranging from art history to cartoons, pop songs, fabric designs and Art Deco vase patterns. Each vase is produced over a year, using hand-mixed glazes and stains.



Everard Read London artist Colbert Mashile featured in Businessday

April 11, 2017 - Mary Corrigall


"Animals reinforce a political statement: Colbert Mashile draws from African traditions where clans have animal totems, to produce surreal works" by Mary Corrigall, published in Businessday, South Africa, 11th April 2017

Colbert Mashile: Truth or Dare at Everard Read Cape Town until 7 May 2017.

"I make art intuitively. I don’t try to be too obvious or too serious. I use the animal characters as a way of storytelling."




GUY FERRER: Solo exhibition opens at Everard Read London

April 3, 2017

Everard Read London is delighted to present an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Guy Ferrer.

Born in Algeria, Guy Ferrer is French, of Catalan and Italian descent. Over the past three decades he has earned an international reputation as a painter and sculptor, with exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world.

Rich in symbolism and texture, Ferrer’s work is concerned with spirituality and the transience of life. For his first solo exhibition in London, he has assembled a compelling body of work that continues his investigation into the duality of life and the universe, using the daily practice of his art to search for meaning.



VIDEO: Lionel Smit at Everard Read London, Faces of Identity

March 17, 2017

Everard Read London was delighted to be joined earlier in the month by artist Lionel Smit for the opening of his solo exhibition Faces of Identity.

Click here to see a short film of the exhibition. 


Exhibition continues until Saturday 25 March.



VIDEO: Lionel Smit: Faces of Identity at Everard Read London

February 15, 2017

Lionel Smit: Faces of Identity at Everard Read London, 24 February - 25 March

This exhibition comes to Everard Read London following Lionel Smit’s acclaimed solo exhibition at the Didrichsen Art Museum in Helsinki where it was seen by more than 10 000 visitors.

Faces of Identity is a powerful body of work that explores themes of identity through portraiture on canvas and bronze deconstructions. With its ubiquity but also its uniqueness, the human face offers an endless source of study. Smit’s work accentuates facial characteristics through bold swathes of colour and brush techniques, highly-textured bronzes and vivid patinas which result in the arresting work, often of monumental proportions, for which he is renowned.


southern abstraction exhibition opens at Everard Read London

January 20, 2017

Everard Read London opened southern abstraction, a group exhibition, on 20 January 2017. Participating artists include Ricky Burnett, Galia Gluckman, Liza Grobler, Syndi Kahn, Vusi Khumalo, Bronwyn Lace, Richard Penn, Lyndi Sales, Penelope Stutterheime, Andrzej Urbanski and Philippe Uzac.


Numen and Gnomon:Time-based photographic images of Deborah Bell's studio at Everard Read London

December 8, 2016


My aim is to visually grasp the studio and its contents which are predominantly static, over time, so that the slow infusion of the presence of the working artist, through light and movement, impregnates the photographic image with a tangible presence and energy which cannot be seen, but definitely felt. 

   - Laura Ellenberger


CIRCA Cape Town opens - a new exhibition space for Everard Read Gallery

November 29, 2016

Our newest gallery in the Everard Read group - CIRCA, Cape Town - opened in November 2016 in a refurbished heritage building overlooking the V&A Waterfront, with inaugural exhibitions by Beezy Bailey and Liberty Battson.


Norman Catherine achieves new record for sale of his work at auction

November 14, 2016

The Bowie/Collector sale at Sotheby's on Friday 11 November 2016 saw Norman Catherine achieve a new record for the sale of his work at auction. Catherine, who is represented by Everard Read Galleries, had three works included in David Bowie's private collection on sale. Both 'Fanagalo Store' and 'Cat Man' exceeded estimated prices.


View the catalogue here.


VIDEO Deborah Bell, Dreams of Immortality: Blood and Gold at Everard Read London

November 3, 2016

Deborah Belll , leading South African artist represented by Everard Read discusses her new body of work for her forthcoming exhibition - Return of the Gods - at Everard Read Gallery London. Here we find Bell, a long time collaborator with South African legends Robert Hodgins and William Kentridge, at her most introspective best, contemplating what it is to practice art in a far flung corner of South Africa as an outsider from the global often circuitous and incestuous art dialogue which allows her to bring her own unique vision to the conversation.