SASHA HARTSLIEF | Solo Exhibition


SASHA HARTSLIEF | Solo Exhibition
Jan 26 – Feb 12, 2022

Sasha Hartslief | Solo Exhibition

26 January - 12 February 2022

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Sasha Hartslief's subtle investigations into the human condition, through her atmospheric interiors, her nudes and character studies, somehow strike a chord with us.

Using brushstrokes to evoke the transience of light, colour and movement, her subjects are often viewed from a philosophical, deeply personal perspective, resulting in compelling works that are emotionally charged, pensive in mood and considered in composition. 

Everard Read has represented Harslief for more than twenty years. This is her third solo exhibition with Everard Read London.

"Sasha’s images are exquisite: fragile, vulnerable and viscerally honest" - Hazel Friedman, journalist and arts writer