GUY FERRER | Assemblages


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GUY FERRER | Assemblages
Apr 5 – May 1, 2024

GUY FERRER | Assemblages

5 April - 1 May 2024

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Everard Read is pleased to present an intimate exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Guy Ferrer, for his fourth solo presentation at the London gallery.

Guy Ferrer’s work is fundamentally concerned with the mystery of life and the search of beauty. His artistic energy derives from a spiritual necessity to make art, as part on an ongoing search for transcendence, for solace and for meaning.

Rich in symbolism and characterised by highly textured surfaces, Ferrer’s paintings, works on paper and sculptures are animated by his spirit and exude an ethereal energy. They connect at the deepest level with audiences across countries and cultures.

In this new collection, Ferrer focuses much of his attention on small-scale works, many of which incorporate found objects which he imbues with a sacred ethos through his iconography and application of precious materials. With these works, Ferrer reminds us that the numinous is in the everyday, all around us, not confined to temples and other holy sites.

”Gold, sacred and mythical, is more and more present in my work”, says Ferrer. “For me, gold evokes the Orient, the sun, the spiritual quest, eternity.” His work continues to be a celebration of life and its enigmas.

Ferrer is an artist who helps us to keep poetry alive and who defies the trend towards abandoning wondering. Indeed, in a career spanning some 35 years, he continues to express wonder and mystery, lyricism and faith in the works that emerge from his studio. Through his works, Guy Ferrer continues to send his soul through time and space to greet us.