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Franta: au plus près / close up


Franta: au plus près / close up
Sep 13 – Oct 13, 2018

Everard Read London in association with Bogéna Galerie presents:


au plus près / close up

13 September - 13 October 2018

Everard Read London in association with Bogéna Galerie in Saint Paul de Vence, is pleased to present, au plus près / close up, a solo exhibition by Franta, internationally renowned French artist and sculptor.

Born in Czechoslovakia, Franta studied at the Prague School of Fine Arts before fleeing his homeland in 1958 to find refuge in France where he still lives and works today.

Over a career spanning more than six decades, Franta has travelled extensively and his experiences in Africa in particular have had a far-reaching effect on his work. His paintings and sculpture obsessively interrogate the human condition through the filter of his own life's experiences and as a profound witness of his time. His work is suffused with compassion and generosity; it transmits an intense physicality and radiates the artist's own vital energy.


La peinture me permet de garder les yeux ouverts sur le monde / Painting allows me to keep my eyes open to the world  -  Franta, 2018

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