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Beth Diane Armstrong Wins Standard Bank Young Artists Award 2017

September 7, 2017

Everard Read pay tribute to Beth Diane Armstrong who won the Standard Bank Young Artist 2017 Award - South Africa’s most prestigious art prize for young talent.


Olivia Musgrave exhibits at Messums, Wiltshire

June 9, 2017

 Everard Read London is delighted to be showing Olivia Musgrave’s Amazon Queen in an exhibition entitled Art in Motion: Spirit of the Horse at Messum’s Wiltshire, 10 June – 8 July.


VIDEO: An Interview with Angus Taylor

June 5, 2017

Angus Taylor: In the middle of it | 2 June - 1 July 2017

Everard Read London presents a major exhibition of new sculptures by leading South African sculptor, Angus Taylor.
Known for his powerful, often monumental, sculptural works, Taylor works with an extraordinary range of materials from his immediate environment - Belfast granite, red jasper and the orange soil found near Johannesburg. He relishes working with challenging materials, on a scale that many sculptors find intimidating.


Everard Read London artists participate in first London Art Angels Charity Auction

May 12, 2017

Art Angels Africa brought their annual charity auction to London for the first time this month, auctioning works by top South African artists. Several Everard Read artists donated works for the auction, including Beezy Bailey, Deborah Bell, Phillemon Hlungwani, Angus Taylor, Rina Stutzer, Lionel Smit, Colbert Mashile, Dylan Lewis and Nic Bladen, along with Sam Nhlengethwa and Marco Cianfanelli. 


Penelope Stutterheime and Lucinda Mudge solo exhibitions open at Everard Read London

May 6, 2017

Everard Read London is delighted to announce that simultaneous solo exhibitions by two South African artists - Lucinda Mudge and Penelope Stutterheime are now open.


VIDEO: Penelope Stutterheime | Merging at Everard Read London

May 2, 2017

Penelope Stutterheime | Merging 5 - 27 May

Everard Read London presents an exhibition of new paintings by South African artist Penelope Stutterheime.  Based in Cape Town, this is the artist’s first solo exhibition in London.

Depicting “‘inner landscapes” has always been Stutterheime’s preoccupation. Drawing inspiration from dreams and the unconscious, her layered and textured paintings make use of intensely vibrant colour to create mesmerising abstract works. 



Everard Read London artist Lucinda Mudge features in House & Leisure

April 25, 2017

"My vases tell stories and I use them as a reference to the human condition, the idea that we are on repeat. Also, with a vase, you can't see the whole picture at once. The images on the back will always be hidden, but we know it is there. This is a reference to the way we live - we choose not to see even though we know it's there."

Everard Read London is proud to present a collection of 22 new ceramic vases by Lucinda Mudge, in her first UK solo exhibition entitled The Wolf is Always Near. The vases take inspiration from a variety of references ranging from art history to cartoons, pop songs, fabric designs and Art Deco vase patterns. Each vase is produced over a year, using hand-mixed glazes and stains.



Everard Read London artist Colbert Mashile featured in Businessday

April 11, 2017 - Mary Corrigall


"Animals reinforce a political statement: Colbert Mashile draws from African traditions where clans have animal totems, to produce surreal works" by Mary Corrigall, published in Businessday, South Africa, 11th April 2017

Colbert Mashile: Truth or Dare at Everard Read Cape Town until 7 May 2017.

"I make art intuitively. I don’t try to be too obvious or too serious. I use the animal characters as a way of storytelling."




GUY FERRER: Solo exhibition opens at Everard Read London

April 3, 2017

Everard Read London is delighted to present an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Guy Ferrer.

Born in Algeria, Guy Ferrer is French, of Catalan and Italian descent. Over the past three decades he has earned an international reputation as a painter and sculptor, with exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world.

Rich in symbolism and texture, Ferrer’s work is concerned with spirituality and the transience of life. For his first solo exhibition in London, he has assembled a compelling body of work that continues his investigation into the duality of life and the universe, using the daily practice of his art to search for meaning.



VIDEO: Lionel Smit at Everard Read London, Faces of Identity

March 17, 2017

Everard Read London was delighted to be joined earlier in the month by artist Lionel Smit for the opening of his solo exhibition Faces of Identity.

Click here to see a short film of the exhibition. 


Exhibition continues until Saturday 25 March.