Andrzej Urbanski: AB02 833/387/18



Andrzej Urbanski: AB02 833/387/18
Feb 23 – Mar 16, 2018

 Everard Read London presents:

Andrzej Urbanski - AB02 833/387/18

23 February - 16 March 2018

Everard Read London presents a solo exhibition of new works by Cape Town-based artist, Andrzej Urbanski, known for his meticulous, hard-edged abstraction.

Urbanski's work appears to be the result of an automated process; the precision of its execution gives the impression that it is generated by a detached, robotic or digital tool. His interest in creating this illusion is rooted in his fascination with digitally-produced art, the digital tools he uses in plotting his intricate compositions, the relationship between lived experience and virtual reality and the status assigned to handmade products in the post-industrial era.

It is also informed by his appreciation for the minimalist movement, although he is inspired by a range of high modernists from Rothko to Piet Mondrian.

 The bold shards of colour characterising his art may recall objects, places, experiences from his youth, the colour of a building or a room, or they may encompass his state of mind as he steps into his studio. As such, his painted works are described as ‘high’ or ‘low frequency’, referring to either a complex matrix of influences shaping intricate compositions, or quieter, ‘less busy’ forms, often united by a subdued colour palette.

 Urbanksi held a solo exhibition at our partner gallery, Everard Read CIRCA Gallery in Cape Town in September 2017 and has been represented in several group shows at Everard Read Johannesburg and London in 2016 and 2017.

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