Ed Hodgkinson (b.1973)

Ed Hodgkinson currently lives and works in London. He has exhibited widely both in London and internationally, showing in New York, LA, Tokyo, Cape Town and Reykjavik. He studied at Camberwell College of Art.

Large-scale, enamel on aluminium, Hodgkinson’s paintings are strikingly graphic. Using a pared down but powerfully descriptive line against a backdrop of flat colour, his work is fundamentally concerned with drawing.

Sometimes seen as secondary, drawing becomes the principal focus in Hodgkinson’s work. He takes the qualities found in line drawing - spontaneity, simplicity,abbreviation & experiment, and incorporates them directly into his painting. For Hodgkinson, drawing is an abstract translation from the seen, the drawn line like a stream of consciousness, or as Erika Naginski describes it ‘...an activity that exemplifies an imagination influx’. 

Hodgkinson’s work strongly conveys reality but rather than seeing representation as a constraint, he sees it more as a spurto improvisation. He uses line without preconceptions, allowing it to surprise him as well as the viewer. His line is daring, elliptical,sometimes surprisingly abstract, subtly textured, controlled but never controlling, above all, felt. This is direct, sensual work, with no apologies made for it. He addresses us directly through the senses;there is no political correctness in his conception of the human form.His nudes are tactile, sensual and honest. 

The resolved appearance of his paintings belies the improvised complexity that occurs whilst drawing, the monochromatic colour field accentuating the economy with which his line conveys three dimensional space. But there is also a lyricism in the way he brings line and colour together, Hodgkinson is a painter of lightness, emotion, and musicality. 

-Paul Wuensche 


Selected Exhibitions

SUMMER, Everard Read, London, UK

INK, Miami Beach, Miami, US

London Art fair, London

London Art fair, London
LOPF, Royal Academy, London
AAFNY, New York
AAFHK, Hong Kong

AAFNY, New York
LOPF, Royal Academy, London
Centenary, Group Show, Everard Read, Cape Town
London Art Fair, London

Line And Colour, Solo Show, Everard Read, Cape Town
Nudes, Group Show, RT & W, Berlin (with Giacometti, A.R.Penck)
PLOF, Royal Academy, London
AAFNY,New York
London Art Fair, London 

Drawing the Line, Solo Show, Browse and Darby,London
Edition, Solo Show, Everard Read, Cape Town
Group Show, Everard Read, Cape Town
AAF Singapore
AAFNY, New York
London Art Fair, London

New Paintings, Solo Show, Everard Read, Cape Town
Edition, Solo Show, Scarlett Gallery, Stockholm
Huldufolk, Solo Show, Gallery Skilti, Reykjavik
15, Group Show, Everard Read, Cape Town
AAFNY, New York

Young Contemporaries, Browse and Darby, London
Group Show, Browse and Darby, London
Art Chicago, Chicago
ArtLondon 2010, London

Naked, Solo Show, Everard Read, Cape Town
You're more beautiful than a butterfly, Group Show, Gallery Turpentine, Reykjavik
Art London 2009, London
AAFNY,New York
The London Art Fair, London

AAF, Amsterdam
AAFNY, New York
ArtLondon 2008, London
The London Art Fair

A painted Line, Solo Show, Mark Jason Gallery, London
AAFNY, New York

Art London 2006, London
The London Art Fair, London 


Miniature, Raid Projects, British Consult, Los Angeles

Cross Currents LA, British Council, Overseas exhibition award

Group Show, Listasafni Kapavogs, Iceland Air


Iceland Air
The Kyte Group
Norton Rose
Spink Property
The Gallery Club 
Various Private Collections