Press: | Guy Ferrer's Re-Vival features in ‘An artist who addresses our spiritual desires' for the Sotheby's International Reality Magazine.

April 23, 2022

Sothebys select renowned painter and sculptor, Guy Ferrer, to feature in the current issue of International Realty: France | Monaco. 

The article comments on Re-Vival's quest for meaning in a world in which we are constantly challenged by the unknown - 

'International painter and sculptor, Guy Ferrer negotiates with matter, convinced that you get what you give. His approach oriented towards the symbolic quest always leaves for intuition and chance. "It is a subtle relationship, harmony is temperamental and when it is revealed in a work of art, it is always a surprise because I do not pretend to master what will emerge from my tools"'.


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PRESS: Guy Ferrer | New exhibition opens in France | July - October 2021

July 12, 2021

Sculptor and painter, Guy Ferrer is a humanist at heart, fascinated by the range of possibilities of existing and past cultures.

In a new exhibition in Perpignan, France, Ferrer gives us his ethereal vision of the deep nature of man. Our insatiable quest for hedonism and materiality is confronted with an innate need to see further and higher in another sphere which touches the divine.

The exhibition, entitled De la matière à l'esprit (From Matter to Spirit), celebrates the multidisciplinary nature of Ferrer’s practice and is presented across three locations - large paintings at the Contemporary Art Centre of the City of Perpignan, bronze sculpture at the Hyacinthe Rigaud Art Museum in the vestibule of the Perpignan Town Hall, and drawings at the Castang Art Project gallery. The exhibition continues until October 2021.

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Everard Read London presents new paintings by Guy Ferrer

April 11, 2020


Hours of isolation are the preserve of many artists for most of the time, but the past several weeks of confinement have been particularly fertile for French artist, Guy Ferrer. The days have been noticeably quieter around his studio in Perpignan where Ferrer continues his investigation into the duality of life and the universe, using his artistic practice to search for meaning and share his revelations with others.

Ferrer has always found solace, nourishment and indeed delight in his studio; a spiritual sanctuary and space for creation. “The studio for the artist, is surely the place they cherish above all others. ... It's an extension of oneself, it amplifies like a drum the tragicomedy that is the life of one dedicated to the unbelievable madness to create. This is where I spend most of my time, willing the next path of discovery, finding steppingstones towards progress and poetry - and flowers to offer to others.”

Rich in symbolism and characterised by highly textured surfaces, Ferrer’s work is deeply concerned with the numinous. His relentless energy comes from a spiritual necessity to make art which has given life to a thirty-year career of making paintings and sculpture that seem to vibrate with ethereal energy and which connect with audiences across countries and cultures.


FNB Art Joburg stand

Everard Read present at FNB Art Joburg

September 13, 2019

Everard Read present at FNB Art Joburg

13 September - 15 September 2019

Everard Read presents over 20 artist from South Africa and Europe. Artist include Brett MurrayDeborah BellBeth Diane ArmstrongBlessing NgobeniCaryn Scrimgoeour, Lionel SmitAngus TaylorNigel MullinsLucinda Mudge, Turiya MagadlelaNorman CatherineGuy Ferrer, Phillemon HlungwaniLady SkollieAndrzej Urbanski, Daniel Naudé and Olivié Keck.

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PRESS: Guy Ferrer's sculpture T.O.L.E.R.A.N.C.E is featured on Midi Libre

July 10, 2019 - Pauline Vilchez

Guy Ferrer's travelling T.O.L.E.R.A.N.C.E sculpture is the subject of a feature on Midi Libre.

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GUY FERRER: FEU SACRÉ (SACRED FIRE) at Everard Read Johannesburg

October 16, 2018

“The sacred fire is the irrepressible and permanent need to keep working in my studio, every single day, to the point of feeling guilty when for one reason or another I have to stop. The studio is my favorite place of life, the place where I feel anything is possible to live the adventures of form and color, order and chaos, transcendence. And to experience some truths revealed by the work, on myself, on the nature of the world and the great mystery that surrounds everything, on aesthetics or geometry or beauty, and always in connection with the dears absents, the ones I call my invisibles-still-acting."

Guy Ferrer is represented by Everard Read London.
The artist will present his second solo exhibition with the gallery in April 2019. For information on available works by the artist please contact the gallery 


Everard Read Johannesburg is showing at FNB Joburg Art Fair

September 4, 2018

We are pleased to announce that Everard Read Johannesburg is showcasing a sculpture-only installation at FNB Joburg Art Fair this weekend at booth C06, featuring Guy du Toit, Guy Ferrer & many more of our artists.

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Guy Ferrer's TOLERANCE sculptures which will be featured in the Art Fair is the subject of a video.

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TOLERANCE at Leeu Estates 1


September 3, 2018

"It is not important that one be a believer or not:

What is important is to be Tolerant "- Dalai Lama   


"TOLERANCE" is composed of nine bronze sculptures, each representing a word of the word "tolerance" and suggests a religion, belief or spirituality.

Edited in six series, in Paris and Montpellier (France) and in Abu Dhabi (UEA).

TOLERANCE, pinpoints of light against the darkness of intolerance and terrorism that we are facing around the world.

At each installation, a focal point welcoming other artists, students and entire communities to join the message of Tolerance, Compassion and Brotherhood.


"It is not important for a being to be a believer or not:

what is important is to be tolerant "- Dalai Lama 

 "TOLÉ.RANCE" is composed of nine bronze sculptures, each representing a letter of the word "tolerance" and suggesting a religion, a belief or a spirituality.

 Published in six series, three are permanently installed on public sites in Paris and Montpellier (France), as well as in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

We are now continuing towards our goal and our vision of installing TOLERANCE, points of light against the darkness of intolerance and terrorism that we face worldwide.

​Each installation marks the territory as a focal point for other artists, students and entire communities to carry the message of Tolerance, Compassion and Fraternity.


To view the full video follow here.

Guy Ferrer OPEN

GUY FERRER: Solo exhibition opens at Everard Read London

April 3, 2017

Everard Read London is delighted to present an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Guy Ferrer.

Born in Algeria, Guy Ferrer is French, of Catalan and Italian descent. Over the past three decades he has earned an international reputation as a painter and sculptor, with exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world.

Rich in symbolism and texture, Ferrer’s work is concerned with spirituality and the transience of life. For his first solo exhibition in London, he has assembled a compelling body of work that continues his investigation into the duality of life and the universe, using the daily practice of his art to search for meaning.