FNB Art Joburg stand

Everard Read present at FNB Art Joburg

September 13, 2019

Everard Read present at FNB Art Joburg

13 September - 15 September 2019

Everard Read presents over 20 artist from South Africa and Europe. Artist include Brett MurrayDeborah BellBeth Diane ArmstrongBlessing NgobeniCaryn Scrimgoeour, Lionel SmitAngus TaylorNigel MullinsLucinda Mudge, Turiya MagadlelaNorman CatherineGuy Ferrer, Phillemon HlungwaniLady SkollieAndrzej Urbanski, Daniel Naudé and Olivié Keck.

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Norman Catherine achieves new record for sale of his work at auction

November 14, 2016

The Bowie/Collector sale at Sotheby's on Friday 11 November 2016 saw Norman Catherine achieve a new record for the sale of his work at auction. Catherine, who is represented by Everard Read Galleries, had three works included in David Bowie's private collection on sale. Both 'Fanagalo Store' and 'Cat Man' significantly exceeded their estimates.


View the catalogue here.

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CHIVA Africa Unique Artist's Chairs at Everard Read London

September 12, 2016

In South Africa, hundreds of thousands of children die from AIDS every year. CHIVA Africa sends teams of highly skilled volunteer doctors, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists and dietitians from South Africa and the UK to provide targeted, on-site mentoring, teaching, assessment and quality improvement support to health facilities across South Africa. By sharing their knowledge and experience they greatly increase the impact of local frontline staff help them to achieve their ultimate goal – a long and healthy life for all children and adolescents. 

 “We work with South African healthcare professionals, providing on-site mentoring and teaching to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to provide high quality, long term care for children and adolescents living with HIV. ” Stephen Harvey, CHIVA Africa CEO

Funds raised from the sale of these spectacular chairs at Everard Read London will support the work of CHIVA Africa - a leading AIDS charity focused on improving the lives of children and teenagers living with HIV in South Africa